Nutritional Consultations

Sue offers Nutritional Medicine consultations worldwide via Skype.

Nutritional health impacts on both physical and mental wellbeing. As a nutritional therapist I can advise on, and treat, a wide range of conditions by assessing patients’ requirements for food, vitamins and minerals by means of taking general health, well-being, lifestyle and the results of any required testing into consideration.  Alternatively, I may make referral to other practitioners as required such as chiropractors, fitness experts, massage therapists, physiotherapists, medical doctors etc.

Nutritional medicine encompasses many different aspects of a person’s health.  Issues which can be assessed include skin disorders, fatigue, anxiety, menopause, weight loss/gain, immunity and hormones to name just a few and my particular passion lies in gastrointestinal health and issues including inflammation, detoxification, bowel dysfunction and all associated “gut health” related issues.

Price of consultations

Initial Consultation via Skype – 1 hour $95

Follow-up Consultation via Skype – 30 minutes $60

Initial Consultations involve case discussion and assessment of presenting symptoms and concerns. Following the consultation, 2 hours are dedicated to interpreting your case and producing a treatment plan which will be emailed to you with all recommendations. Any prescriptions recommended will be included in the treatment plan and can be accessed via a practitioner-only site which will be set-up for you to fill your order and receive at your address via the postal service.

Follow-up consultations involve assessment of treatment plan results, since last consultation, and any changes including improvements or worsening of symptoms. Re-evaluation of treatment plan and any changes will be included in the follow-up consultation and treatment plan.

To book your consultation simply use the scheduler below, choose an available day/time for your appointment and fill out the attached health questionnaire form. The health questionnaire will allow me to gain an insight into your health history and any other relevant factors contributing to your present health. We will then delve deeper into all relevant body systems at the consultation.

I look forward to helping you with your health concerns and goals. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have as I am happy to answer them.

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