About Nutriballs

Nutri-Balls was developed by clinical nutritionist, Sue Booker, out of a desire to find a food product that would give her and her children a therapeutic dose of essential individual nutrients via a low calorie, high protein, easy to make snack ball. She wanted to ensure her children’s diet was covering the recommended intake of essential nutrients required for their healthy growth and development. She also wanted to ensure her own intake was sufficient at all stages of her life into the future.

Introducing Calci-Balls

When working out how much calcium was in the family diet, she realised they were not hitting the target intake of 800 – 1200mg per day. Not wanting to increase their dairy intake or force any more green vegetables into the nightly dinners, Sue developed a way to incorporate half of the daily requirement of calcium into one serve of Calci-Balls.

Calci-Balls incorporate high-quality ingredients which are gluten, wheat and sugar free. Drawing from Sue’s nutritional experience, she believes the best quality and most highly absorbed form of calcium is calcium citrate. So Calci-Balls include this excellent form of calcium within a high protein, low calorie, tasty snack ball.

Watch this Space

More nutrient-rich combinations of Nutri-Balls to come!