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Nutri-Balls are NOT your average protein balls

Clinical Nutritionist Formula

Every 25g ball provides you with 50% of your daily calcium requirements

Nutri-Balls allows you to get this essential nutrient into your body via a low calorie, high protein, tasty snack ball


Nutri-Balls are “Your Daily Nutrient Hit”


Do you have a desire to maintain the best level of health for you and your family? We have formulated a nutrient-dense snack that is not only a great source of protein, but also provides half of your daily calcium requirements. A diet high in calcium assists to enhance and maintain bone mineral density. It’s important the source of calcium is a well-absorbed form and to make sure vitamin D is incorporated to aid in the absorption of the calcium. Reach your daily calcium requirements with ease. With Sue Booker’s clinical nutrition expertise we were able to formulate a product which is GLUTEN, WHEAT and SUGAR-FREE providing:
• 400mg of bioavailable calcium
• 9.6g protein
• 4.8g fat
• 104 calories

Why Nutri-Balls

Nutri-Balls are the new, pimped-up protein ball on the market. Nutri-Balls are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack that taste delicious and are so easy to whip up and eat at any time. The dry-mix is so versatile as it has a long shelf-life and is conveniently stored unopened in the cupboard. Nutri-Balls can be easily and quickly made in 10-15 minutes with the addition of 2 simple ingredients or you can add any number of ingredient combinations to make them suited to your taste preference. You can take Nutri-Ball packets with you to the gym for a post-workout snack, take them to work, on your next getaway to keep your health in check and your sweet-tooth satisfied while away, or you can make up the balls, put them back into the empty packet and store in the fridge to snack on whenever you desire. Do your health a favour and make Nutri-Balls part of your daily diet.